Nordic IRC

25-02-15 is back.

After various stability problems, has been removed.

denora is upgraded to 1.5.0 and magirc is upgraded to 0.8.7-beta, stats should work properly again.

Anope services has been upgraded to 2.0 and a web control panel is available at

You will be able to register a nick and control your channel from there.

Added new commands for Rynke:
Temporarly give another user channel access but only on access levels equal too or lower than your own.

!voice #channel nick
!devoice #channel nick
!hop #channel nick
!dehop #channel nick
!op #channel nick
!deop #channel nick
!sop #channel nick
!desop #channel nick
!owner #channel nick
!deowner #channel nick

Write a action as Rynke:
!me #channel text

Added Mibbit webchat

NordicIRC welcomes upstart netradio to the network.

Our webchat now offers webcam chat to.

26-09-12 has been added to the network. is removed for now.

All services was down for 2-3 hours due to harddrive failure, everything back online.

NordicIRC welcomes thesettlersonline clan TLA to the network.

Also have been updated to MagIRC v0.8.5-beta

Rynke have a few new commands to allow channel owners to easily make !commands that responds with text, the new commands are:

!addcommand #channel !command text
!delcommand #channel !command
!listcommands #channel

More options will be added later.

NordicIRC welcomes teen site TheLove to the network.

NordicIRC welcomes upstart radio WEBfm to the network.

26/09-11 had a hardware meltdown, its back online. Stats are back at

We are also currently working on a simple, and user friendly webchat using only javascript/ajax.

If you are interessted in a webchat, custom installer/default settings for AdiIRC and access to our custom bots, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

26/04-11, and now has IPv6 AAAA records enabled for IPv6 IRC

18/03-11's host have been having some router problems in the location where the server is hosted. More infomation about the problems can be found at: The server might loose the network some more times but we hope the problem will be over soon.

17/03-11 has been moved to a new server. Everything should work as usual.

NordicIRC is proud to be hosting irc chat for an upstart danish radio

Lots have changed in the last year,, and has been shutdown. is somewhat still running, so is and

We will see what the future brings. Currently we are open for any new channels and possibly for network merges, mail amundsen at gmail dot com if you are interested.

The host that is hosting is doing some updates in this timeslot
Monday 13 July 2009 until Tuesday 14 July 2009 between 12:00 am and 01:00 am CEST.
The server might be offline in this time slot.

07/07-09 is back online.

07/04-09 is down.

A temporary webchat has been put up.

NordiciRC welcomes and to our family.

13/03-09 is down up again

01/11-08 is still down, is moving to a new server taken down for now.

29/10-08 will be moving to a new server in the next couple of days.

21/10-08 will be undergoing hardware maintenance 22/10-08 22:30 for an unspecified time.

18/10-08 is down atm back up.

23/09-08 has been down all night along with chanserv/nickserv, expected online later today back up. has been down several hours, back up. (A disaster rearly comes alone :)

03/08-08 was down for several hours while moving to a new server. It's back up.

21/07-08 was down for several hours. It's back up.

Servers are up and running, see servers for more info.